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About Us

Sonography Specialists

vibrant imaging scrub top on model

Vibrant Imaging specializes in all three areas of sonography: Echocardiography, Vascular Sonography, and General Sonography. Our team of licensed sonographers gives the highest quality of ultrasound imaging possible.  We send a registered sonographer to your facility who specializes and is trained to perform the exact type of ultrasound examination you require.  Vibrant Imaging doesn't believe in on-the-job training into different modalities, nor do we send you sonographers without experience and use your facility as a training hospital.  Our sonographers know that a high-quality, diagnostic study is always better than several, fast, non-diagnostic studies.  We strive for quality over quantity, and our sonographers believe in taking the extra time needed to provide great patient care and high caliber examinations.

Meet The Owners

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